Today EUROCLINIC offers to all customers a basic range of GYNAECOLOGY products that soon will be wider and far more complete, keeping competitive the price-quality ratio according to real needs within medical equipment market on international scale. The relatively short-lasting production cycle, if compared to the products’ complexity, is organized according to advanced assembling and testing procedures, in compliance to all EEC rules in force, finally granting excellent results in terms of quality and operative standards. Euroclinic offers on its entire production line a 24 months warranty coverage; moreover you will appreciate the prompt spare parts supply service, being always ready to dispatch all required items on time. Euroclinic products assortment is characterized by modern shapes and versatile options: for example some accessories can be personalized according to customer’s choice (e.g. upholstery colour for chairs and stools, painting colours for cabinets composition).


Gynaecology Chairs
Suprema G200
Gynex Professional
Urology Chairs
Suprema U500