The line of Specialistic Chairs offers a wide assortment of multi-function chairs or couches for different examination use in the medical fields of  Dialysis/Chemiotherapy and Blood-taking/Infusion treatments that are produced looking at the maximum comfortable position of the patient and safety for the operator.  Euroclinic brand is identifiable not only in the elegant lines of upholsteries and carters of each model but also in the peculiar applications designed for the different professional activities. Thanks to an accurate research work in design, details and materials of quality, Euroclinic grants high production standard for any examination chair provided with powerful linear actuator (up to 8000N) , solid metal frame painted with epoxy powders, high density and undeformable foam (50kg/cm3) , bi-elastic skai tissue tearing resistant and antimicrobial, easy to clean and disinfect and with more than 40 colors, shaped carter in ABS. But the real innovation in Euroclinic chairs is represented by the WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY integrated in the multi-function pedal that allows the operator to work freely around the patient without any cable hindrance . For the 3/4/5 motors chairs the pedal is provided with 3/4 memories able to set and recall the most used positions with a great time saving and low physical effort.