The level of technology, design and quality guaranteed by CE, ISO, FDA certification has led Euroclinic  to expand  in a few years over 30 countries and 3 continents. Euroclinic always strives to maintain complete control of all phases of the production cycle in its premises of Castel Bolognese: from the design of the single components, suppliers selection, procurement of raw materials and semi-finished products according to its own specifications and technical drawings, assembly, testing and packaging up to the set-up of the finished product. Euroclinic staff in the production department is highly qualified and skilled operating in working places dedicated  to the various lines (chairs, units, diagnostic devices and cabinets), taking care of the single product from beginning to end. The birth of a new project is induced either by the markets where Euroclinic operates  that require customization, or by reference centres (doctors and specialized end-uses) willing to support our.engineers to test prototypes and release scientific assessments that allow to reach the best results suitable to customer’s needs.